CNAS RISE Symposium


RISE Symposium Overview

The Research In Science and Engineering (RISE) summer research focuses on student success and retention in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Throughout the years, students from the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences have participated in the RISE symposium as members of CNAS Scholars, PERSIST Grant, Fertile Futures Program, Summer Bridge to Research, Dynamic Genome Scholars, California Alliance for Minority Participation, Riverside City College - Bridges to the Baccalaureate (RCC-B2B), and Faculty REUs.

Each summer, students are engaged in research, mentored by scientists, and involved in numerous student success activities. This symposium represents the culmination of our student's efforts.    

We congratulate all of the students for their dedication, commitment, and hard work over the 10-week period. We thank all faculty, research scientists, graduate students, undergraduates, and other personnel for helping make this a successful program. We hope that this has been a rewarding experience for RISE scholars and launched their scientific careers. We look forward to seeing them succeed for years to come.   



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