Six-Legs Summer Research


Program Overview

This program is a partnership between four institutions in Southern California’s Inland Empire (UC Riverside, Moreno Valley College, Riverside City College, and Norco College).  Our short-term goals are twofold:

  1. We will provide research-based learning opportunities in combination with information about relevant careers to community college and university students.
  2. For interested students in their junior and senior years at UC Riverside, we will offer intensive training and funded internship opportunities, in order to prepare participants for post-graduate opportunities.  Participants will also contribute to educational events for K-12 and community college students.

 Ultimately, we hope to enhance educational opportunities for participants and increase students’ familiarity with alternative career paths.  We aspire to provide a clear pathway, including opportunities for development of specialized skills, for students interested in careers in the agricultural sciences.


The Six-Legs summer research program selects incoming CNAS transfer students who have applied. Selected students may receive an opportunity to continue their research under the Six-Legs program throughout the academic year. 



  • What are the benefits?
    • A fun, productive, and interesting summer experience
    • A stipend to support your living expenses
    • Mentorship from a UCR faculty member (and lab members!) who can provide guidance in research, career possibilities, success at UCR, etc.
    • We hope that this introduction will allow you to build a positive relationship with graduate students, postdocs, and faculty at UCR. For example, your faculty mentor could be a reference letter writer in the future.

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